Pre-Marital Coaching


Being able to prepare and enrich budding couples on their way down the aisle is a joy. We will help equip your marriage with the tools needed to have a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship. Couples who invest into the most powerful commitment early, have significantly stronger relationships than those who do not. We would love the opportunity to help you grow a concrete solid relationship that will last a lifetime.


Our Pre-Marital includes:


An initial coaching assessment through the Prepare/Enrich Relationship program. Coaching sessions that will last up until your wedding date. Sessions last approximately 60 minutes each. (Minimum of 6 sessions)


Follow up calls/sessions after the first six and twelve months post wedding.


Anticipated Results:


Clear Expectations – What are your expectations of each other in regards to marriage.


Values Clarification- What is most important to you as individuals and as a couple.


Love Languages – How you and your spouse receive and communicate love.


Growth – Practical and applicable tools to continuously improve you relationship.


Goals and Dreams – Where do you want to go and what do you want to create?


Communication Skills – Effective strategies to work through conflict and solve problems


The most important lesson we hope you gain is to not only be committed to each other but to the marriage as a whole.

Marriage Coaching


Have you ever been driving your car and it’s not zip zipping the way it used to when you bought it? Marriages go through some of the same things. We all need tune-ups at some point in our life.


Marriage coaching is not just for relationship emergencies. Our purpose as marriage coaches solely revolves around making your relationship run like a brand new leased vehicle.



Our Marriage Coaching Service Includes:


  • Communication- Learn how to use non-verbal and verbal communication as an asset and not a weapon.


  • Finance- Have one vision for your hard-earned money. We will show you insightful ways to work as a financial team.


  • In-Laws- In-Laws or Outlaws? They are your loved ones whether you like it or not. Being married makes it necessary to learn how to deal with your spouse’s Uncle Tommy and Grandma Jean. Allow us to teach you how!

  • Trust- Oxygen to a body is what trust is to a relationship. Many marriages thrive or fail based on how they manage this valuable asset. You will learn various strategies to strengthen or regain the precious trust of your spouse.

  • Intimacy- More than just being between the sheets. Intimacy is the details you share with your spouse. From what makes them happy to the deepest parts of their past. Sharing these secrets and knowing how to foster intimacy can be an amazing uplift for your love life.


Anticipated Results:



  • Learn how to “fight fair” during a conflict.


  • Turn your “Outlaws” to “In-laws.” with key strategies worked out in real life scenarios from your coaches.


  • Overcome broken trust, working through forgiveness and developing a plan to secure your love.


  • Understand how to have a thriving marriage in every area by learning to share secrets, spicing up your sex life, and communicating like a pro.

If you are like most people around the world, you have a true desire to become more profound than where you stand today.


In case you want a personal touch from your coach. We designed this service specifically for you.


Chris Marvel Coaching LLC has helped hundred of individuals across the United States for almost ten years.



One on One coaching includes:


  • Love Laws- Rules of Love and Relationships in the 21st Century.


  • How to Lead Yourself then Lead Others.


  • Your Story Was Necessary For Your Purpose and Passion.



Anticipated Result:


  • Clearer understanding to the approach of distinct relationships in your life.


  • Direction and strategy on leading yourself to destiny while developing other people.


  • Discovering the true reason for your life and how to use your story is unlock your dreams.

One on One Coaching


Dating Coaching


Love is in the air. Single and ready to mingle? My Single/Mingle coaching program is a virtual one on one dating coaching service.


Dating Coaching Sessions Include:



  • What to look for in a mate while not looking desperate


  • Communication and Running The Dating Play


  • How to Work Your Way Through The Conflict


  • Dating properly and how not to settle


  • Lessons in learning yourself before someone else.

 Anticipated Results:



  • Full understanding of desires in a potential mate and plan of pursuit.



  • Strategy on healthy dating and communicating needs and wants while dating.



  • A Game-plan for getting over the initial obstacles and conflicts to ensure longevity and endurance for a relationship.



  • Introspective awareness of self to ensure a client is holistically healthy before connecting with a promising partner.